Moses Kuria cries foul, accuses UDA of ferrying paid supporters to venues and conman-ship

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has come out guns blazing and accused United Democratic Party (UDA) led by DP William Ruto of high level deception that includes transporting paid supporters from venue to venue to shore up numbers.

Kuria also accused UDA of conman-ship said it was not possible to measure the popularity of UDA because crowds for hire are ferried in buses from place to place and wondered who was fooling who.

Kuria who is the leader of Chama Cha Kazi (CCK) has been complaining about his party being neglected in Mount Kenya politics even after producing over 230 aspirants countrywide in various positions, saying that UDA aspirants are more prioritized in Kenya Kwanza’s political activities in Mount Kenya.

He said that some allies in the Kenya Kwanza coalition have started imposing self-interests, which pose a great danger towards the unity of the coalition and confidence of the sub-parties.

“We cannot be identified as Kenya Kwanza when it comes to hunting presidential votes and then UDA takes more recognition when it comes to other positions at the expense of other Kenya Kwanza parties,” Kuria added.

Blaming it on corporate UDA policy, Kuria said that there has emerged a distorted pecking order in Kenya Kwanza’s political rallies whereby the recognition some of its allies are receiving isn’t commensurate with the efforts they have inflicted towards the alliance.

Kuria told Rigathi Gachagua, the Kenya Kwanza’s running mate that he should portray himself as Kenya Kwanza’s running mate and not a running mate of a single party, saying that all aspirants should be given equal recognition during campaigns.

The Kiambu gubernatorial aspirant condemned the issue of transporting supporters from one place to the other to cheer up their preferred politicians, referring to it as market dynamics that disallow them to know their actual supporters in given areas.

“Transporting supporters doesn’t make you more popular and that’s why I always go alone in my campaigns to see the number of legitimate supporters I have, I vowed never to be engaged in this practice,” he added.

Kuria asserted that there was indeed a great excitement in Mt. Kenya after naming of Martha Karua, whom he referred to as his sister and a close friend, as the presidential running mate in Azimio La Umoja, saying that this could have driven more Mt. Kenya supporters to deviate to Azimio La Umoja.

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