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Panic as armed policewoman on the run for murder kills a second man

Kenyans were in shock as a rogue policewoman on the run killed a second man in cold blood after luring him to a hotel in Juja.

Police corporal Caroline Kangogo who days ago is accused of killing a policeman in Nakuru, is now being accused of killing a second man whom she lured to a hotel in Juja, Kiambu County before vanishing into the dark of the night.

Detectives are racing against time to arrest the female cop believed to be on a killing spree, before she kills a third person in her deadly mission. They have described her as armed and dangerous and warned me to be especially careful. 

Police believe Kangogo, is the suspect behind the killing of Police Constable John Ogweno, in Nakuru who she shot dead and took off with his firearm – a loaded Ceska pistol.

They also say that she lured a man to Dedamax Hotel in Kimbo, Juja area at around 4pm yesterday, only for his dead body to be found the next morning sprawled in a pool of blood on the bed with gunshot wounds on the head.

Investigations reveal that after booking the room and paying for it, she later emerged alone at around midnight and fled to an unknown destination.

Detectives have established that she lured the man to the room and went ahead to pay for it, before savagely shooting him on the head at point-blank. 

She later told an attendant working at the guest house that she had gone to buy toothpaste, as she made her escape. Police said the man’s lifeless body was discovered today (Tuesday) morning.

“We are cautioning members of the public especially men to be on the lookout for the  rogue officer, who is luring men to her trap before killing them. Let nobody trust her or accommodate her since she is armed and dangerous,” a statement from DCI said.

The DCI urged members of the public to be vigilant and should they spot the officer who is covering herself in a buibui to immediately inform police on their toll free line 0800722203.

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