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Dreadful moments as aircraft loses one engine, lands safely in Eldoret

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have unfortunately lost engine. Please remain calm, follow the instructions the cabin crew will give you shortly.” came the horror announcement by the Captain.

Passengers on a flight from Nairobi to Eldoret endured terrifying moments after the aircraft lost one engine in midflight.

As recounted by veteran journalist Nzau ya Musau who was onboard, they were about 15minutes to land at Eldoret when one engine went burst.

Musau said the engine that failed was the one directly on his side and the event left him completely terrified and in horror of what would happen next.

He said after the failure, the captain came on the intercom and tried to calm the terrified passengers assuring them that the other engine would ensure they landed safely.

For the next 15 minutes it was hope against hope until the touch down at the Eldoret International Airport.

He later posted a selfie with the aircraft in background as he thanked Skyward pilots for landing the plane safely.

“That feeling when you safely land after the noisy main engine you sat next to suddenly knocks off mid-air, ukiona na masho yako,” posted Musau.

“We thank God for the safe landing, the Skyward pilots for safely navigating us through those tense minutes, and the crew for assuring us,” Musau added.

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