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Lawyer Miguna Miguna’s family excited for his return and eager to receive him back in the country


 Lawyer Miguna Miguna is expected to land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Thursday, October 20 after his deportation to Canada in 2018.

The lawyer’s eldest brother Eric Odiek, gave an outline of his planned activities noting that his arrival was highly anticipated by Kenyans and  residents in his hometown in Kisumu county, especially his family.

Odiek said that the family had already made arrangements to receive him at the airport when he lands and take him straight to his village.

 He noted that some family members are travelling to Nairobi tonight.

“Upon reaching Nairobi, Miguna  will head straight to the village. There are several family events he missed like funerals of family members he would like to acknowledge,” Odiek explained.

He additionally lamented over the cloud of despair the family was under when Miguna was deported and constantly denied access to Kenya.

“I thank the president for allowing my brother to come back. We felt a lot of pain when our own was accused of not being a Kenyan,” Odiek added.

Odiek was excited by the return of Miguna confirming that the family was aware of his itinerary through constant communication with the exiled lawyer.

“We were very happy when he told us he is allowed to come back, he was issued with a passport and the red alerts were lifted. He told us he will board the plane on Wednesday, October 19, and arrive on Thursday,” the brother noted.

Residents of Ahero in Kisumu county echoed Odiek’s words expressing their excitement about the return of the lawyer.

They also praised President for lifting the red alerts and granting Miguna access to Kenya.

“The rule of law, fearlessness, persistence, and focus have prevailed. My expected time of arrival will be on October 20 at 6 a.m,” Miguna earlier stated.

Notably, Miguna had declared he will only come to Kenya after Ruto was sworn in as the fifth president in line with the Head of State’s promise to allow him back once elected President.

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