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Billionaire politicians: Kenyans shocked as details of filthy rich politicians styling themselves as poor hustlers emerge

As the vetting of Cabinet Secretary nominees got underway for the second day at County Hall in Nairobi, Kenyans were left in shock after it emerged that politicians who have been pretending to be poor hustlers were worth billions of shillings.

And what was more shocking is that none of the millionaire politician vetted so far is involved in the productive sectors that create jobs and grow the economy.

Activist Boniface Mwangi was more brunt when he said that Kenyan billionaires are not innovators or captains of industries, that they just worked in government, or elected to office for a few years and they became rich.

“Their contribution to Kenya’s economy is zero, the money is earned through “deals” and multiplies through deals,” said Mwangi

Prime Cabinet Secretary nominee and ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi left mouths agape after he revealed that he was worth Sh 4 billion – equivalent to a budget for a whole county for a whole year.

Mudavadi’s billions are distributed in real estate, companies, shares and helicopters that are available for hire. In total the Cabinet Secretary nominees vetted on Monday were worth more than Sh 6 billion with JB Muturi (AG) worth Sh 700m, Aden Duale (Defence) Sh800m, Alfred Mutua (Foreign Affairs) Sh 400m and Alice Wahome (Water) Sh 200m.

CS Interior nominee Prof Kindiki Kithure who is being vetted today said his net worth is Sh 544 million, comprises of land, buildings and bank deposits of about 50 million.

He said his current source of income is his law practice and also runs several businesses and is a consultant for local and international companies.

Despite their riches the Kenya Kwanza politicians who are being vetted as President Ruto crafts his government ran a successful campaign disparaging their competitors as rich and entitled dynasties.

Ruto promised to form a government of ”mama mboga, boda boda” and other poor Kenyans better known as hustlers.

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