You must carry Jubilee Party failures too, not just successes Kenyans tell off DP Ruto


Deputy President William Ruto has caused a stir on social media after claiming that he must be given credit for the achievements of the Jubilee government for the last 10 years.

While addressing residents of Likuyani in Kakamega county DP Ruto in a response to President Uhuru Kenyatta who hit out at him over his absenteeism from government, a rattled Ruto shot back and answered the Head of State.

And in what appeared to be a further escalation to the already strained relations, Ruto hit back at President Uhuru who had on Monday dismissed his deputy as “ghost worker” only seen on roof tops of cars campaigning after abandoning his duties.

“Mimi nikisimama hapa mimi ni Deputy President wa Jamhuri ya Kenya na serikali ya Jubilee iliundwa na Uhuru Kenyatta pamoja na mimi. And I want to tell our friends, the Jubilee government was a joint project between Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto,” said Ruto on Tuesday while addressing Likuyani residents at a roadside rally in Kakamega county.

“…I want to tell them, you cannot deny me as Deputy President the credit we have achieved in the many things we have achieved as a government.”

The message was received with mixed reactions on social media with Kenyans wondering why DP Ruto is also not ready to carry Jubilee failures.

Netzens questioned DP Ruto’s sincerity when he has been on record claiming that the Jubilee government had let down ordinary Kenyans.

“The only small problem with your excellency is that you constantly discredit the same Jubilee you now want credit from,” wrote Alfred Ariita.

“The self proclaimed opposition leader has never worked for Kenyans since 2017, he changed from being DP to a local tourist in the country moving from left to right only to discover its too late yet he has done nothing. Sugoi bus direct,” said Kennedy Baba

“Ruto wants credit for the Jubilee success but not its failures. What hypocrisy,” posed Edwin Opande.

“We can only give you credit for fake promises. Your credit starts and ends in Tanganga,” Rose Ogaja said.

“Then he (Ruto) equally shares Jubilee failures: Overborrowing, corruption, inflation of projects budget!,” Lanick Kumenya

“The most incompetent DP in Africa campaigning immediately after elections instead of performing duties,” Carlos Capistrano

“The same way you should be associated with Jubilee regime failures including hiked prices of basic commodities isn’t it fair Mr DP,” Karuiki Wa Munene responded.

Mosinto Obare said:“You will only get credit if you accept that you are also part of failures…. Stop hypocrisy, it’s a shame as a DP to hang on to power in the name of frustrating the government and waiting to jump ship last minute,”

On his part Koome Mutungi said “Ruto should be told that costs of living has gone up courtesy of Jubilee government he is part and parcel. Let him take equal share of shame as well,”

On Monday President Kenyatta also took time to defend his performance saying that for the past few years he has been able to achieve so many things.

“Jubilee has been working. I won’t tire of showing Kenyans what we have been doing. We have constructed so many road projects in the country,” he said.

Political observers have been questioning the DP’s sincerity in castigating the same government he continues to serve instead of resigning. The two politicians have been sharing the same political platforms since they entered into a pact and have left both friend and foe confused as to who among them is selling the right message. Ruto on one hand has at times been defending Jubilee government’s track record while Mudavadi hits out at the same government over its alleged economic missteps.

During the Amani National Congress delegates meeting In January its leader Musalia Mudavadi tore into President Kenyatta’s development legacy in DP Ruto’s presence as his allies cheered on.

Ruto and his allies even gave Mudavadi a standing ovation as the ANC leader launched a blistering attack on President Kenyatta’s government.

Ironically, Ruto, who attended ANC’s National Delegate Conference, is part of the Jubilee administration.

Mudavadi, in the meeting in which many UDA members were also part, discredited President Kenyatta’s debt management strategy and public-private partnership projects anchoring Jubilee’s legacy.

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