Influential Mt Kenya leaders endorse ODM leader Raila Odinga’s 2022 presidential bid, blasts DP Ruto

“We cannot support an individual known for looting public coffers, land grabbing and displacement of our people,” they declare.

ODM leader Raila Odinga’s presidential ambitions received a huge boost after the influential Mt Kenya Foundation offered their supported and blasted DP William Ruto as an angry and vindictive person.

MKF made the declaration during a Mt Kenya Leaders’ Forum held in Nairobi attended by three Cabinet Secretaries, several governors, MPs, MCAs, business leaders, religious leaders and community leaders.

A communique’ read by Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya Mt Kenya does not feel safe in the hands of individuals with a history of looting public coffers, land grabbing and perpetrating the displacement of our people – in a thinly veiled reference to DP Ruto.

He said as a region Mt Kenya fully supports the Azimio La Umoja’s quest for a united front to address key issues affecting our region and country.

Munya said the vision, values and principles articulated through Azimio la Umoja best represent the Kenya we want to see.

He added that Mt Kenya region recognizes Azimio La Umoja as an articulation of the future since it guarantees peace and safety the people, property, businesses, land.

Munya saidThat Azimio La Umoja guarantees the continuity of the legacy and projects implemented by President Uhuru Kenyatta and that Raila has demonstrated a willingness to address the interests of our region; secure Kenya’s peace and economy; and safeguard public resources from plunder.

He said Mt Kenya residents have no confidence in sweet-talking people who want to take advantage of their problems and use them as fodder for electioneering without offering concrete solutions.

“We have no confidence and reject people who proclaim themselves to be our leaders without consulting us and who want to impose leaders on us just like the colonialists once did,’’ said Munya.

He said a technical team to negotiate on the issues  will be formed to work with Raila to realize our collective dreams as a region.

MKF chairman, Peter Munga said the leaders from Mt. Kenya region, had gathered for consultations and to take a common position on a shared political future and destiny ahead of the Azimio La Umoja forum on Friday at Kasarani.  

The MKF forum listed economy, peace, unity and stability as a key issues of concern noting that  the  region’s people have faced the dark side of politically instigated and election-related violence.

“Our people have been killed, hounded, persecuted, displaced, evicted, and our property destroyed. When Kenya burns, it is our people who bear the greatest brunt of the consequences,’’ said the leaders.

The following were listed as the Mt Kenya issues that they want to be addressed in exchange of political support.

  1. A commitment to the implementation of the constitutional principle of democratic and fair representation, equality of the vote in representation, and equitable resource allocation (One Man, One Vote, One Shilling).
  2. A demonstration of commitment to guarantee our fair share of government commensurate with our real population strength.
  3. A commitment to increase the devolution fund.
  4. Respect for property rights.
  5. Facilitate resettlement of our people who still living as squatters and help them reclaim their land from which they were evicted.
  6. A commitment to actualize a PEV Victim’s Fund
  7. A commitment to support and invest in agricultural productivity, particularly regarding tea, coffee, and milk.
  8. A commitment to address the youth unemployment crisis in the country.
  9. A commitment to address discrimination against the employment of people from our region, particularly in the public service.
  10. A need to respect devolution and adhere to the allocation formula provided by the Constitution.
  11. A commitment to complete ongoing infrastructure projects and set the country on the path of industrialization.
  12. A commitment to eliminate alcoholism and drug abuse in the country.
  13. A commitment to support the family institution which is currently facing existential threat.
  14. A commitment to bring inter-generational harmony instead of pitting the younger generation against the old.

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