Heartbroken Samidoh’s wife says she cannot share him with the rude Karen Nyamu

A day after Samidoh spent the day with baby mama Karen Nyamu, his wife Eddy has written a tear-jerking letter saying she cannot share her.

Samidoh were pictured together with Karen looking in jovial mood in Gatanga where they attended a burial where DP Rigathi Gachagua was present.

Only last week Samidoh and Karen – a nominated Senator – were with Samidoh during a meeting with Nyandarua governor Kiarie Badilisha.

This has sparked speculation that the controversial couple was back together after a nasty break up sparked off by a bar brawl in Dubai.

The Dubai debacle caught the attention of Gachagua who asked Samidoh to contain his wives or face disciplunary action(Samidoh is a police officer).

Samidoh had won the heart of his wife after he said he was done with Karen and derogatory referred to her as “kiura kia ngamba” (a field toad).

But Samidoh’s wife appears extremely hurt by recent turn of events and this morning wrote a letter saying she cannot be in a polygamous marriage with the rude Karen.

Below is her letter.

“It has been exactly 15 years of marriage full of ups and down, it was humble beginning where little was enough for us, for the last 3years it has been nothing but pain.

I have remained faithfull to you regardless of disrespect, humiliation and being trolled on social media, you’ve made me look dumb and took my silence for granted.

I have helped you nature your talent and supported you through it all, but one thing I have said to you and I am saying here again I will not raise my kids in a polygamy family, espeacilly with a woman who is older than me by more than 10yrs ,has no morals and zero respect to my family’kiura Kia ngaba’ as you put it.

I have asked God every day to give me strength to pray for you but today I have nothing to tell God about you, you have drag and put me and my kids in an ocean of pain may you remember this day.”

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