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Former CS Mwangi Kiunjuri asks Kenyans to elect leaders based on track records not parties

The Service Party (TSP) leader Mwangi Kiunjuri has urged Kenyans to elect their leaders based on track record in the forthcoming general election Former and not on party euphoria.

Speaking in Naibor village, Laikipia North in Laikipia County, Kiunjuri said Kenyans must also elect a visionary president who has a blueprint capable of transforming the country devoid of social status and political affiliations.

“What we are asking Kenyans today is, do not elect leaders for the sake of it, or because is singing a certain tune of belongs to this or that party. Elect leaders based on their track record, let them express themselves and people choose the best,’’ said Kiunjuri

Kiunjuri says every aspiring leader should outline their vision for the country in public, which he says should include practical solution to the problems facing Kenya, like unemployment and starvation.

“We must remind you one thing, that we know your history and we will not forget,’’ said Kiunjuri

He said with proper planning, Kenya could be self-reliant on food and have surplus for sale and with that, poor Kenyans would have time to concentrate on other income generating programs.

“The Government should seek ways of providing farm inputs, fertilizer and seeds as well as loans at subsidized rates and later facilitate the identification of markets,” Said Kiunjuri

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