Trade CS Moses Kuria has ordered squatters out of East African Portland Cement company’s land


Trade Cabinet Secretary  Moses Kuria has  ordered squatters living  at the East African Portland Cement land to move out of the land or they be evicted .

Speaking on Tuesday, during the launching of the new Green Triangle Cement at the factory, Kuria said no public land will be grabbed under his watch and that his ministry will not be intimidated by squatters.

He has said  the land will be used to create jobs for thousands of hustlers and youths as well as boost the country’s economy.

“No one understands hustlers like us. We are the original hustlers  they are the hundreds of thousands of people I want to give jobs here. We are going to develop our land productively, use it to create jobs, generate foreign exchange, to stop importation, be the best aviation hub in this region,”he said

 Kuria gave the squatters an ultimatum to leave before he returns with bulldozers and demolish the buildings.

“I want NYS to start digging trenches right here; no one centimetre of Portland land will be grabbed. This will be the end of squatting on our public land, so i kindly request you to leave before i return with bulldozers,” he said

 He added that  the land will be used to build  the first Kenya cargo airport,  a facility that will turn around the fortunes of the company .

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