Tension rises as Uhuru dares Ruto to arrest him, says he is not scared of him

Come for me! Iam here. Iam not afraid of you. I will protect myself to the end. I have nothing to do with the issues Kenyans are raising – Uhuru Kenyatta, 4th President.

An angry former President Uhuru has dared President Ruto to arrest him instead of harassing his 90-year old mother and children.

As tension continue to rise in the country over the 3-day of protests called by the opposition Uhuru said he will do the best to his best to defend his family.

Uhuru spoke outside the home of his son in Karen who had issed a distress call after individuals claiming to be police officers raided the home.

The officers driving a car with foreign registration numbers had said they wanted to search Uhuru’s son’s home for guns.

Uhuru wondered why the government was harassing his family including withdrawing security that had guarded his mother for over 50 years at night.

He said the security for his son had also been withdrawn and wondered what was the intention.

An irate Uhuru said he had nothing to do with the protests called by the opposition or the issues being raised by the protestors.

He said the government knew about his official activities and they know where to find him if they want.

Uhuru said even though he never supported the government during the last elections, he nevertheless handed over the instruments of power peacefully.

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