Shock as Rigathi Gachagua reveals that DP Ruto used money to divide Mt Kenya and buy support

A video recording of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) deputy president designate Rigathi Gachagua revealing how Deputy President William Ruto used money to “break up Mt Kenya” and buy support has emerged.

In the shocking video revealing the tricks that DP Ruto used to gain entry into Mt Kenya, Rigathi said he was reay to teach the Kalenjin how to make money like the Kikuyus.

Rigathi says that the Kikuyu and the people of Mt Kenya love money and their love for the money is what Ruto used to “break up the mountain” and get a following and that they had agreed they would teach the Kalenjin the same tricks.

“I will start teaching you how to make money. Money is good for the hearth and you know it breaks mountains. And because we from Mt Kenya we love money, we have a deal with your son William Ruto,” says Gachagua in the video that has since gone viral.

It has long been viewed that the many harambees that Ruto has held in Churches across Mt Kenya were nothing more than using money to gain support supplemented by the hundreds of meetings held at his Karen office where handouts were distributed in the millions.

Rigathi’s admission was quickly condemned by among others Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu who warned Kenyans that it was their money was that being discussed and how it will be eaten.

She warned Kenyans to keep off UDA saying those in that party could not be trusted and were already planning on how to steal public coffers.

“Dear Kenyans, these are not gaffes. This is exactly who the other side is, after all, he is their number two. When you vote please remember that. Also, please remember, it is your money they are talking about,” said Ngilu.

She also attacked Rigathi for insulting Kambas after another video showed him dismissing Kamba votes as too few to have any consequence.

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