Senate saves Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza as she survives second impeachment

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza will continue to serve as the county chief after the Senate saved her following her impeachment by the County Assembly.

She emerged unscathed from a second impeachment bid in less than a year, following the Senate’s rejection of all seven charges put forward by the Meru County Assembly Members (MCAs).

In the wake of the Senate’s decision, Speaker Amason Kingi declared,

“The Senate has not upheld any of the impeachment charges and therefore the senate has failed to remove Governor Kawira Mwangaza by impeachment and thus the governor accordingly continues to hold office.”

The allegations confronting Governor Mwangaza encompassed misuse of county funds, nepotism, bullying, and improper appointments.

It was claimed that she engaged in fraudulent activities involving relatives, made unjustifiable claims for services, and compensated non-working officials.

The MCAs contended she had inappropriately placed family members in county positions, including on foreign trips, and had defied legal procedures and court orders, notably by unlawfully naming a road after her husband.

Facing the Senate before the vote, Governor Mwangaza pleaded for leniency and the opportunity to mend fences, stating,

“I pray that you give me a second chance. Given another chance I will try my best to bring all Members of County Assembly (MCAs) together and other leaders from Meru. Indeed, I need MCAs to deliver my mandate and so, we need to work together to make the people of Meru happy.”

Highlighting the stakes involved, the Senate Speaker reminded the senators of their responsibility and the implications of their votes:

“Honourable Senators, You will vote seven times since the charges brought to the house are seven, and in case one charge is substantiated, Governor Kawira ceases to be the governor of Meru.”

Ultimately, the collective votes confirmed Governor Mwangaza’s continued governance, dismissing the suite of accusations against her.

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