Misty Mountain Lodge – the Kenyan hotel with the best cocktails

With over 200 different cocktails to choose from you are spoilt for choice at Misty Mountain Lodge in Naro Moru, Nyeri County.

The barman Alexander Kasina says he can prepare for you special signature cocktails specifically prepared at Misty Mountain Lodge – that will leave you asking for more.  

He will also prepare for you the classic cocktails that are served all the world. It all depends on what you fancy, says Kasina who has more than 14 years of experience.

Out of the signature cocktails Kasina says the top five are Kings Desire, B52, Wonderful Sunday, Nanyuki Sevens and Pinacolada. Kasina says the signature cocktails are very popular with visitors because they are not found anywhere else.

Misty Mountain is scenic hotel located in Naromoru Nyeri, few kilometres from Nanyuki and at the foot of the mystic Mt Kenya. It has a direct and breathtaking view of the majestic mountain to east while the lolling Aberdare ranges are to the South West.

Below are the six most popular signature cocktails

i) Kings Desire

Inspired by the director of the hotel Peter Kingara, (Kings) the cocktail is considered the best whisky-based.  It is prepared using Whisky (Jonny Walker), Aperol (an aperatif – these are drinks taken before eating food to stimulate appetite), Campari bitters (also an aperatif) and locally prepared Rosemary syrup. Add ice cubes and shake for 8-10 seconds. It is garnished with orange.

ii) B52 Cocktail

This is a liquor-based shooter most popular for birthdays. It has layers and each layer can represent a number of years making it perfect for celebrating birthdays. For instance for the 30th birthday one can have three layers with each layer representing a decade. Its preparation it is guided by the density of the liquor. You start with Khalua – a coffee-based liquor, followed by Baileys cream and topped up by Triple Sec which is an orange-based liquor.

iii) Wonderful Sunday

This is made from peppermint, gin, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice then add ice cubes and shake for 8-10 seconds. Kasina says he created the special recipe because that he serves on Sunday which also a busy day at the hotel.

iv) Nanyuki Sevens

This he says is inspired by the Rugby sport and especially the Nanyuki Sevens that would be held in Nanyuki town. He describes it as a long drink popular with rugby players. It is made from Gin, Vodka, Barcadi, Tequila, Blue Caracao and topped up with ginger beer or spalata.

V) a) Miraa Shot – Alcoholic

This is another signature cocktail prepared using freshly picked Khat (miraa) that is grown on the expansive hotel’s farm. It is made using fresh miraa juice, fresh lime juice, Jose Cuervo (a tequila from Mexico), Triple Sec. Add ice cubes and shake and serve in a Martini glass.

b) Miraa Shot Non-Alcoholic

Prepared using freshly blended miraa juice, mixed with fresh lime juice, mixed berry and pineapple juice. Add ice cubes and shake for 8-10 seconds. This one is offered free of charge by the hotel.

vi) Pinacolada

This is a ram-based cocktail blended from Coconut cream, Malibu and pineapple juice. It is garnished with pineapple. It is a very classic cocktail,

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