President Ruto vows to crush corruption in Kenya, launches performance contracts

Angry President demands written explanations after Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, parastatal chiefs and other senior government officials locked out of State House for arriving late for the crucial event.

President William Ruto has boldly declared he will crush the monster of corruption that has plagued Kenya’s civil service for decades greatly undermining the development of the country.

At the same time the President warned Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, parastatal chiefs and other senior government officials that they will be held accountable for non-performance in their respective dockets.

He said he was greatly disappointed by the senior officials who were late for such an important public event demanding a written explanation why they were late.

“If you cannot keep time with your employer, you have basically dismissed yourself,” President ominous statement to the culprits whose fate now hangs in his hands.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua had set the tone when he said he was disturbed and worried that the individuals that the government was relying on to deliver the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto could be late for such an important meeting.

He warned them that grave consequences lay ahead for them going by what he had overheard and just how angry the President was.

“I arrived here at 7:30am even though the meeting was for 9:00am, not because I had nothing else to do but because my boss had called the meeting. Iam wondering where else were these people so that they got late. When I saw the face of the President and what I overheard, I know big trouble lies ahead,” said Gachagua.

On matters governance, President Ruto said corruption had become a way of life for some individuals who had made government offices their personal properties. He gave the example of a very corrupt procurement officer in a road’s agency who he said could not even be transferred by a cabinet minister as she would corrupt even the judiciary.

“Murkomen (CS Roads) I hope that person no longer works there,” President Ruto pausing to inquire about the officer from his Cabinet Secretary.

President Ruto regretted that there are government officials whose interest is to steal public funds warning that their days have come to an end.

He said some people are concerned that he may have over promised during the electioneering period and that it appears as though he may not achieve the loft dreams, however he said he would deliver and even more.

President Ruto said Kenyans are skeptic because they had been lied before by governments that promised and did not deliver, he said he will break that culture of lies by delivering on his promises.

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