Political storm over planned removal of presidential term limit, UDA dissociates itself from the move


A plan to remove the presidential term limit has caused a political storm with President Ruto’s UDA party at the centre.

And senior officials of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party came out to deny backing the plan to repeal presidential term limits.

Even though the proposal is being linked to UDA, the party dismissed it as a product of “fertile imagination”.

UDA Chairperson Johnston Muthama, while reacting to news reports on Tuesday, said the party had not discussed the matter and that the proposal by one of its member was not supported by the party.

Sentiments to lift the two-term limit were voiced by Fafii MP Yakub Salah (UDA) who claimed that a group of UDA MPs were working on a legislative proposal to remove the two-term limit and replace it with an age limit of 75. 

”I enact, the age limit provision could potentially allow Ruto, 55, to govern for four five-year terms and block his chief opponent Raila Odinga who is 77,” said Salah Yakub

Muthama, in a tweet, however termed the sentiments as the personal opinion of the first-time legislator.

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 bars parliament from amending certain clauses including those touching on the boundaries and Bill of Rights.

Outspoken blogger Denis Itumbi who is allied to President Ruto termed the proposal by Fafi lawmaker as outright “stupid” saying it does not enjoy the blessings of the President. 

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