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Police now say video of thugs snatching their officer’s phone was a manipulation

A video that has since gone viral showing three thugs on a bodaboda snatching a mobile phone from a police officer directing traffic in Nairobi has been termed as a manipulation.

A statement posted by the National Police Service in their social media pages says the video was a manipulation with malicious intent and urged members of the public to ignore it.

The statement came when prominent City business lady Agnes Kagure had already offered to buy the officer a new phone believing the incident was as shown in the video and received donations from well wishers of up to Ksh 7,200.00.

She said she will send back the donations and thanked Kenyans who had expressed solidarity with the officer initially understood as a victim of the crime perpetrated by thugs riding on boda bodas. Scores of Kenyans have been victims of these thugs who have become brazen daily.

Kagure she said he was surprised that somebody can manipulate a video in such a manner but said as strong supporter of youths in the country she would continue to find ways of promoting them.

The business lady who is eyeing the Nairobi gubernatorial seat said her plan for the City envisions empowered youth who will not just avoid participating in such petty crimes but will be active deterrents. She said it is possible to have an empowered youth who will shun crime and help in preventing it.

The video that police have dismissed as a manipulation shows three thugs riding on a boda boda approach the Roysambu roundabout in Nairobi’s Kasarani area where the officer was directing traffic.

The officer is captured talking on his mobile phone when one of the thugs snatches it from him and  they rode away. After the incident the officer remained calm and continued his duties.

Yesterday, Kagure said when elected governor, she will put systems and programs to empower the youths and tap their potential for the betterment of the society.

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