Lawyer Ambrose Rachier a senior official of Freemasons says the secret society that recruits men only does not worship the devil

Prominent Nairobi laywer Ambrose Rachier has publicly confessed being a senior official of the Freemasons secret society that many people associate with devil worship and other cultic activities.

In a television interview that ended up revealing too little about the feared society Rachier who is also chairman of the Gor Mahia Football Club denied that they worshipped Satan or engaged in devil worship at their temples located across the country.

Many people believe that Freemasonry is nothing but devil worship that includes sacrificing people and their families and Rachier set out to paint a contrary picture of a charitable organization albeit secret.

”Freemasonry is one of the oldest Society in Kenya and in the world. It started in the year 1614 and was perfected in the year 1813”, said Mr Rachier

He said the membership of Freemasons range from Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Atheists with its core activity to help humanity and support charitable activities in the society.

He said most of its members include popular businessmen, lawyers, judges, medical practitioners and a few politicians.

”In order to join freemasonry, you must be good citizen, must be involved in charitable activities and have a noble character in the society,” Rachier said

Entry is by introduction by someone you know who already a member of the Freemason is who must explain to you about it and what it entails and thereafter you are proposed by the committee then you are invited for an interview by a panel and afterwards the panel is asked if there is any objection of you joining the society and if there is no objection you are allowed to join the society

”No one is forced to join the association; it must be your free will to do so after you have understood what it entails. one is allowed to resign from the association at their own free will,” Ambrose added

He said that the association is not involved with offering human sacrifices or devil worshipping since they believe in the Bible, and they also read some of the books in the Bible: Genesis. Leviticus, Songs of Solomon and Exodus.

” The society has a negative mindset about us because they have no understanding of what it entails. Many of my friends and members of my family know that I am a member of the Freemasonry and I have introduced twenty of my family members and they have joined freemason willingly, there is no way I can introduce them to it and later I give them out as a sacrifice,’ ‘he added

He supports that it is true that it involves of men alone since the co-founders from the United States of America founded that and they will soon introduce freemasonry for women in the country.

Rachier said that they have over 20 lounges in the country; Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi and across Africa they have lounges in Seychells, Tanzania, Uganda, Zanzibar and Seychelles where they meet up and go to worship.

”In Nairobi our main lounge is along Nyerere Road and our craft lounge is in Ruiru. We meet up for our meetings from 6 pm onwards since we understand that people have to work during the day,” he added

The lawyer added to say that they have a specific attire that you must put on while attending the meetings which he says it does not symbolize any think fishy since it’s just a cloth like that of any other denomination.

”You must be in a suit and sometimes an apron which symbolizes building since we are building the society. This does not symbolize anything weird since it is a cloth like any other. We also have a preacher everyday who reads a word from the Bilbe. We also have Asian books and Kuran which we also read,” he added

They have a head who is the chief leader in the east african countries, then he has assistants in each country, a chairperson who is a worship master who is elected every year and retires 1 year after his term is over.

Kenyans have been left undecided on what to believe from the lawyer’s confession or what they know about freemasonry from history

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