Governor Ndiritu Muriithi says no one is leaving Laikipia, they are ready to buy guns and defend themselves

An angry Laikipia governor Ndiritu Muriithi has vowed nobody will leave their land in Laikipia and that they are ready to buy guns and defend themselves.

The governor also revealed that the people have also been threatened that if they do not vote for a certain politician in the 2022 general elections.

He said if the government is unable to maintain security, the people will now buy their own guns to protect themselves warning that they are not afraid of confronting their attackers.

Ndiritu said the Mau Mau blood still runs in the veins of the people and should the provocation continue, they will have no option but to defend themselves.

Insisting that no one will leave Ol Moran or any other part of Laikipia, Ndiritu said the people targeted by the bandits are land owners with title deeds, adding that they bought the land with their own money while the bandits were given the land freely by former President Moi now deceased.

“We are children of Mau Mau, we will not succumb to fear mongering. These farms in Laikipia are ours and we are not leaving. And people should not think that they are the only one who can buy guns, even we can buy. There is no time we shall leave Laikipia,’’ said Nderitu.

Ndiritu said no matter how the bandits try to push them out of Laikipia, they will never leave saying they are legitimate land owners.

He gave the example of lands in question as Mutukanio Farmers which he said they bought from white settlers, Laikipia West Farmers adding that those causing chaos were given free a 60,000-acre farm known as Runyek – which was Livestock Marketing Division -by President Moi and the Gikuyu community never complained.

“They were given for free and we from Gikuyu community, our parents bought what we have and they never complained even though they are the ones’ who fought for independence,’’ said Ndiritu.

Ndiritu added that the bandits were also given other huge tracts of land for free known and they are no way they can claim what is owned by the Gikuyu community saying they are ready to fight them, the same way they fought with the colonialists.

The Ol Moran region of Laikipia has seen a spate of violence where armed bandits went on the rampage burning homes and driving away livestock in a move described as expansionist aimed at grabbing land.

Security apparatus were caught napping in the orgy of violence that left several dead but the situation has since been brought under control after more deployment were done.

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