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George Mwangi gruesome murder at home in a suspected love triangle sparks big debate on polygamy

Caption: Gladys Chania on the left (Mwangi’s wife) and Lucy Muthoni (girlfriend) on the right

As Kenyans come to terms with the gruesome murder of prominent engineer George Mwangi – husband to a Kiambu politician – in a suspected love triangle where his wife is the prime suspect, women have been urged to accept polygamy.

Kenyans still recovering from the shocking news where Kiambu politician Gladys Chania is accused of masterminding the murder of her husband George Mwangi over another woman, have sparked a big debate on polygamy.

The second woman involved in the tragedy identified as Lucy Muthoni, started off as Mwangi’s tenant before a love affair blossomed to a point where Mwangi was introducing her as the second wife to his friends and family.

It is this love affair that police say provides a plausible motive for the killing that has shocked the nation and put the position of second wives or what is popularly known as “mpango wa kando” in sharp focus.

Commentators have observed that since polygamy is legal in Kenya, women should accept it as a reality of life instead of resulting to drastic and tragic acts like murder.

Majority of Kenyans communities practiced polygamy including the Kikuyu community where Mwangi belongs but with the coming of Christianity that preaches monogamy many who feel trapped in lonely marriages have “mpangos” on the side.

Many of these second wives are kept secret and only emerge in dramatic fashions mainly during family tragedies (like Mwangi’s murder) or when the husband or “sponsor” dies, and they want to be recognized as wives and get a share of the deceased estate.

Mwangi’s murder has therefore brought the issue back to public focus and huge debate is currently ongoing on how best to deal with polygamy.

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