Women posing with panties donated by British soldiers in Nanyuki raises eyebrows


An image of Nanyuki women posing with colourful panties donated by British soldiers caused heated debate online.

The picture was among several posted by the British Army Training Unit – Kenya (Batuk) on their facebook page.

Batuk were celebrating the completion of several community projects among them a borehole, classrooms, toilets in the past month.

The post read: We have a lot to be proud of over the past month. We have completed the construction of toilets at a local primary school, fixed a borehole providing water to hundreds of locals, donated sustainable sanitary pads, rebuilt classrooms floor and much more.

But what caught the eye was a photo of women seated holding aloft colourful underwear sparking off mixed reactions.

A lady complained that while the help was welcome, the display of inner wears was contrary to African culture.

She added that inner wears are considered private things that should not be shown in public.

Another wondered what informed the display of inner wears, yet another wondered whether it was the price to pay for held.

But the soldiers remained support from a lady who said that the photo had nothing to do with panties but a mission of shattering the taboo of menstruation.

“Every section of society need to know that sanitary towels are a basic need in a woman/girl’s life,” she wrote.

She said sanitary towels should be free and accessible to every girl.

“The shame is universal and the silence is a global rule. No more menstrual shame. No more sex for pads,” she said.

Batuk say they employ more than 500 Kenyans and deliver over 60 community projects every year.