Mwai Kibaki. Kenya’s best president dies at 90, leaves behind a towering legacy of development

Described by many as an accidental politician and the gentleman of Kenya’s otherwise dirty politics, Kenya’s third president had a long and checkered political career only blotted by the 2007/2008 post election violence that saw the country inflame to near civil war.

As he goes to join his forefathers in eternal rest President Mwai Kibaki today is idolized to levels of a Saint even by his former fierce critics. In retrospect they now appreciate the genius behind the rapid growth of Kenya’s economy with landmark projects that have crystallized his great legacy.

Gloom and sadness in Nyeri and Othaya home-turf

News of passing on of the former president Mwai Kibaki have been received in shock and grief by Othaya Residents where the former President was born.

The residents only have sweet memories of their kin and they now say the news of his death a shocker as they did not see his death coming this soon.

Esau Kioni who served as a security advisor to the former president says he has known the former president in different phases of leadership from when he was a Member of Parliament, assistant Minister, Vice President and eventually as a president for two terms.

He has described him as a great leader who was a keen listener, a great consultant and development oriented.

” I have known Mzee even before independence and in his different phases of leadership. As his former security advisor i can describe him as a keen listener and one who used to consult a lot and from everyone. It’s a sad day that we have lost him.” Said Kioni .

Kioni noted that during Kibaki’s tenure, free primary education was established, roads were tarmacked and economy was revived

Lydia Wambui who is a neighbour to the president eulogized him as a great leader who had Othaya people whom he served for over 30 years at heart.

She says that his death was so sudden and they were not prepared to receive such news.

“His death has come so soon we hoped that he would live a little bit longer with us and share with us his fruits of development.” Said Muthoni.

Another resident said Othaya has the biggest level six hospital which was constructed during his reign and many roads in Othaya town are now tarmacked.

They said they are yet to find a leader who has a track record like that of Mzee Kibaki.

” Kibaki was a great leader and we as Othaya residents will miss him. We hope to find a great leader as him who can carry on his legacy.” Said on of the residents.

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