Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru says he will still fight for one man one vote one shilling despite the BBI setback

Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru has expressed sadness at the setback the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) has suffered but vowed to continue pushing for equal representation in the country where every vote counts.

Kibiru who was among the leading lights pushing for the adoption of BBI said the push for one man one vote one shilling is something that he will not relent fighting for now and in the future.

He said where there is a will there is a way and that he will continue to push for a fair distribution of national resources.

“Never say die! As they say where there is a will, there is a way. The push for one man one vote, one shilling is something that I won’t relent fighting for, now or in future,’’ Kibiru said.

Kibiru wondered how on earth how they will tell the future generations that leaders sat down and greed to a process of systematic marginalization of their people.

It is for that reason that he will continue with the fight until a fair process of sharing the national cake is achieved.

“How on earth will we tell our future generations that we sat down as leaders and agreed to a process of systematic marginalization of our people?,’’ he said.

The Senator said it can never be okay for children from Mt Kenya region to continue getting Sh 2,000 as bursary while others are getting ten times more.

Mt Kenya region was set to benefit from the BBI which was aiming to correct the skewed sharing of national resources that has retarded development in the region.

However a section of Mt Kenya leaders that follow the Deputy President William Ruto had joined in fighting BBI due to petty politics oblivious of the many benefits it was according the region.

It has also come as surprised when the same leaders have now taken the platform to praise the same BBI that they spent three years fighting.

The BBI process was halted last week by the Court of Appeal over what the judges said it did not follow certain legal processes.

The BBI secretariat has however gone to the Supreme Court to get further clarification of issues.

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