Form One student commits suicide at Ngara Girls, Naironi


A form one student from Ngara Girls in Nairobi has committed suicide by jumping off from first floor of the school’s dormitory.

She was rushed to Ladnan Hospital, Pangani and arrived there within minutes after the fall accompanied by the school nurse and the matron.

According to her friend, the deceased had inquired her on ways in which one can commit suicide but she ignored her little did she know what she was planning.

A note was found in the student’s bag stating that without the father staying with them, she had no desire to go on living.

Another note was found on the student’s pillow written to the mother stating how hurt she was the mother chased her away when she went to console her after a fight with the father.

An X-ray had revealed that her chest was not affected, but her lower limb had a fracture.

The patient was then transferred to MP Shah Hospital for a CT scan, but later moved to Agakhan Hospital for more specialised treatment.

She was pronounced dead around midnight.

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