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5 Most Useless Associate Degrees if You Want a High-Paying Job

If you’re going to try and make it big in the language world be sure to choose a relevant language. You should also think about getting a second major to make yourself more marketable when you leave college. Those who want to get a degree in art history usually take classes in art composition and multiple classes in art history from every time period. When considering what major is best for you, it’s important to consider which degrees will secure you a job and which are entirely useless. An undergraduate degree in philosophy can act as a stepping stone to several careers, but it’s just as easy—and perhaps more viable—to get a degree that’s targeted to one’s desired career. Without trying to sound sarcastic—any major is probably better than a general studies major..

  1. If you’re interested in creative writing and hope to publish a book someday consider majoring in a similar field, like journalistic writing, and taking some creative writing classes.
  2. The Harappa and Mohenjo-daro civilizations had organized bodies of public servants.
  3. If you truly have no idea what you want to major in as an undergraduate, a general studies degree can pave the way for a graduate degree later.
  4. Currently, there are ~3,300 working historians, with only 100 more jobs projected to open up through 2031.

In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at her son’s school library and looking for treasures at thrift stores. Ensure any college or university you attend holds institutional accreditation. Aside from validating the quality of your education, attending an institutionally accredited university is crucial for federal financial aid eligibility. Accreditation can also impact your ability to transfer credit or apply to graduate school. Our team sources data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. We also pull information from reputable professional organizations and education providers’ direct websites.

Graduates can work as legislative assistants, civil service workers, and case administrators. Learners seeking competitive online study in public administration should consider Franklin University’s online BS in public administration. The private college supports 32 online bachelor’s programs from its main campus in Columbus, Ohio. The bachelor’s in public administration is one of 32 programs providing a premier education. Then you might be interested in a career as an information technology manager.

A degree in entrepreneurship may sound great for those looking to start a business someday. This is because students can get all the education they want, but without hands on business experience, their learning will hardly mean a thing. Creative writers really do have skills that people who want to publish stories and novels want to have.

What Is Public Administration? Skills, Degrees And Careers

To learn more about funding opportunities and eligibility requirements, students should contact the financial aid office. From its campus in Fayette, the school offers an online bachelor’s in public administration. Students in the public administration program can complete classes at their own pace, with the option for part-time enrollment.

Public administration is a profession centered on the conception, management and implementation of policies meant to improve the public good. The term “public administration” also refers to the academic study and professional training that leads to careers in government or with nonprofits. A Ph.D. in public policy provides advanced graduate training for top research positions in academia and government. This degree can also prepare learners for executive roles with nonprofits and other institutions that make policy. The field of public administration tackles some of society’s most intractable challenges in areas like housing, poverty and the environment. Whether they work in government or the nonprofit sector, public administrators translate theory into practice, enacting policies that set quantifiable goals and achieve measurable results.

People Who Studied “Useless” Majors Are Sharing What They Do Now, And It’s Really A Mixed Bag

For many students, it doesn’t make sense to pay tens of thousands of dollars to take classes focused on reading novels, stories, and poetry. A full Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Billing and Coding teaches students topics related to healthcare administration in addition to standardized coding skills used to bill insurance companies. Classes may cover topics such as data analytics, compliance with legal statutes, policy issues, and personnel management (aka human resources).

What Can I Become If I Study Public Administration?

Although these are great jobs to make a little extra cash, they rarely manage to pay the bills. Music careers are typically low-paying and don’t include benefits or a 401K. The result is that those who major in music look for a different career later. However, due to their limited degrees in music, many find that they lack the type of education that many employers are looking for.

What Skills Will You Learn in a Public Administration Degree Program?

However like many of the most useless college degrees, computer science is a challenging degree to use after you graduate. For those who actually want to work as a professional historian, you’ll need at least a master’s degree. The median annual wage for historians is $63,940, but the job growth outlook is pretty bleak. Currently, there are ~3,300 working historians, with only 100 more jobs projected to open up through 2031. The issue with this major is that many workers simply don’t need to go for a bachelor’s when a certificate is enough to get started! Another concern is that, in the near future, AI could be doing much of the coding work that people are currently doing.

But if neither of these is what you’re after, you may want to reconsider this major. Yes, there are jobs that a history major may help qualify you for—but typically these jobs are also open to grads from other liberal arts majors, as well. What to expect from a History degree is pretty straightforward—you’ll be studying historical events, including their causes and effects, and is public administration a useless degree the main people involved in these events. Students can use minors, areas of focus, and electives to tailor their history major studies based on particular time periods or geographic regions they’re most interested in, such as Ancient History or Latin American History. The most common history degree is a bachelor of arts, but students can also apply for a bachelor of science.

Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

However, those interested in one of these fields are better off getting that specific degree. Many jobs that communications majors may apply for after graduation are related to specific majors. Learners can work with their academic advisor to customize their degree through electives, minors, and concentrations.

Like philosophy, a psychology degree is difficult to use after you graduate. Those passionate about film production and media are found to pursue a completely useless degree. If you’re interested in creative writing and hope to publish a book someday consider majoring in a similar field, like journalistic writing, and taking some creative writing classes. This will make you more employable following graduation and give you a steady income while you write a novel.

Park University, based in Parkville, Missouri, offers a public administration bachelor’s degree that prepares learners for public administration work at all levels of government. This hybrid program features blended courses that include a weekly in-person requirement. Ph.D. students must complete dissertations and defend their research before a panel of faculty members to earn this terminal degree. Courses may include economics for policy analysis, along with seminars in public management, policy implementation and organization theory. A Ph.D degree-holder with a focus on public administration can pursue employment in academia or roles like city manager, policy analyst or research director.

Some colleges offer bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of science (BS) degrees in public administration. Both majors introduce undergraduates to core topics in government and public service administration. With either degree, graduates can pursue civil service and nonprofit careers or continue on to master’s degrees in public administration. Online bachelor’s programs in public administration prepare majors for entry-level careers in the government, nonprofit, and private sectors.

People who focus their careers on this combine expertise on technology, international law, and communication in order to deal with the ethical and legal challenges they face. Those who specialize in executive, legislative, and general government support are responsible for overseeing public programs and services administered by local, state, or federal government agencies. They also may be involved in creating and enforcing policies related to these resources. Cost is another crucial consideration when choosing the right place to pursue your online public administration degree. Think about your budget, how you plan to finance your degree and your projected salary after graduation. On the other hand, if you want to graduate and enter the workforce as soon as possible, look for accelerated public administration programs with shortened degree timelines.

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5 Most Useless Associate Degrees if You Want a High-Paying Job