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Sir Charles Mugane Njonjo: Iam alive and well, ignore reports of my death

Independent Kenya’s first Attorney General Charles Mugane Njonjo 102, has denied reports of his death.

In statement, Njonjo said he was alive and well and was at home celebrating Utamaduni Day – formerly Moi Day.

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Iam well and enjoying my weekend at home as we celebrate Utamaduni Day,” said Njonjo denying reports that he had dead.

Several news sites had reported that Njonjo one of the only two surviving members of independent Kenya’s first Cabinet had died on Saturday at the age of 102.

The rumors spread first on social media until Njonjo issued a statement declaring he was still alive and well.

Njonjo or the “Duke of Kabeteshire” as he was popularly known was the first Attorney General of Kenya serving between1963 to 1979 and later served as the Minister for Constitutional Affairs between 1980 and 1983 – at a time when he was Kabete MP.

After the death of former President Moi in February last year, the only two members of the independent Kenya’s first Cabinet are remaining – Njonjo and Duncan Ndegwa – former Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet.

Njonjo as the country’s attorney general played a critical role in ensuring that Moi who was the vice president ascended to power following the death of the founding President Jomo Kenyatta in August 22, 1978.

He would later fall out with Moi in 1983 where Moi accused him of plotting to overthrow his government and a commission of inquiry was formed to probe him.

After the dramatic turn of events Njonjo dropped out of public scene and concentrated on managing his vast business empire.

Known for his classic pin-striped three-piece suits, Njonjo spoke fluent Queen English and his British mannerisms made him to be referred to the “Duke of Kabeteshire.”

Two years ago when he marked his 100th birthday, Njonjo offered advice to men on the secrets of living long, putting a happy marriage on top of the list and financial freedom.

Njonjo who married at age 52, advised men to only marry when they have established an unwavering financial foundation on which they can build firm relationships.

He wondered how young men have chosen to marry when they were still struggling financially asking them to only marry when they are able to provide for their families.

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