Sexually explicit videos of Samidoh and Nyamu cause an online sensation

The social media scene was turned into a frenzy after sexually explicit videos of Mugithi Maestro Samidoh and City politician were leaked online.

Samidoh who recently admitted siring a kid with Karen caused a stir when he apologised to his wife.

He later posted a picture with his wige after attending a church service where he sought forgiveness.

The previous incident followed a leak of pictures of him and Karen while he was visiting his son.

The latest videos Samidoh is seeking getting cozy with Karen and asking for sex. Karen tells him “kichwa pekee” and Samidoh appears to react with disbelief.

Social media users picked up and shared them in the thousands with all manner of reactions and comments.

Some sympathised with Samidoh saying he got caught up with a dangerous woman out to ruin his life.

Others read politics in it saying Karen is being used to destroy Samidoh because he refused to join tanga tanga.

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