Raila’s statement on jailing the corrupt rattles Ruto, DP comes out fighting

A statement by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga that he will jail all the corrupt individuals appeared to rattle Deputy President William Ruto who came out fighting.

Raila’s statement that was issued a day after a newspaper report indicated that over 30 politicians from Ruto’s camp face jail over corruption sent shockwaves to the tanga tanga wing of Jubilee allied to the DP.

Ruto emerged and addressed roadside gatherings in Nairobi’s Eastlands area after Church function in Kayole where he donated Sh 1 million.

He castigated Raila saying he helped make him the Prime Minister of Kenya and should be the last one to attack him or complain about his Church donations and that he cannot advise anybody on how to fight corruption.

“They are very strange people because when they were in government they were stealing from the youth, and now that they are in opposition they are stealing through Covid-19 billionaires,” the DP retorted.

Raila had questioned where Ruto gets all the funds that he keeps donating to churches and challenged the receivers of the money to also question the sources.

He said once in government one of his main agenda would be to fight corruption and jail all the corrupt individuals without sparing any.

“I helped you get a big position in government. No body complained. Why are you complaining now when Iam helping the church and the hustlers,’’ Ruto asked.

Ruto’s reaction to Raila’s anti-corruption stance left many wondering the reason behind it with prominent Nairobi lawyer Donald Kipkorir wondering why one side of the political divide gets uneasy when corruption is mentioned.

Kipkorir said fighting corruption should be an agenda of every Kenyans including those aspiring to the highest offices.

“Some things I don’t understand. Why is it when Baba castigates the corrupt and corruption, one side of the political divide goes into defensive? Isn’t corruption a national scourge? Isn’t it destroying our national fabric? Shouldn’t it be a patriotic call for all to destroy it?’’ Kipkorir asked.

On his part Ruto said he would continue to make donations and that when he forms the next government next year, he will put 30 billion in government money to help hustlers.

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