New brand of politics? Former Central Kenya MPs say they will support Ruto’s government to succeed

In a new brand of politics, former Central Kenya MPs have met for the second time and resolved to use their experience and epertise to support President Ruto’s government to succeed.

Former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu who chaired the session attended by six other former MPs mainly drawn from the Jubilee Party said they had agreed that they must seek to add value wherever they can.

“We must also do whatever we can to help this government succeed, because its success is ultimately our success, as we are part of the Kenyan community. We will therefore use our experience over the last 5 years, to do this,” said Ngunjiri in a statement issued after the meeting.

He said the MPs spent an amazing 5 years working closely together in Parliament and in a different team from the one that won the elections and has formed today’s government.

Ngunjiri said they did what we believed was right at that time and that history will judge whether we were right or wrong.

On her part former Gatundu North Wanjiku Kibe said they are working on deliberate strategies and actions towards adding value in the country as they leverage on their past experiences.

She said her former colleagues in the 12th Parliament are in agreement that that leadership and national building is a continuous process.

“We’ve resolved to listen, observe, and evolve in the process as much as it may be necessary, guided by a futuristic lens for progress. We ain’t stopping! We will continue going strong and rising up with a noble purpose,” she said.

Their meeting comes against the backdrop of a renewed quest for unity in Mt Kenya region that was sharply divided in run-up to the August 9 general elections.

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