Mama Ngina Kenyatta symbolically cuts off Field Marshall Mary Muthoni’s 70-year-old dreadlocks in a solemn ceremony to celebrate freedom

A 92-year-old Mau Mau freedom fighter has finally shed her Mau Mau dreadlocks of 70 years in an event that saw former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta symbolically shaving her to signify country freedom.

In an event graced by the Kiama Kia Ma and Kikuyu Council of Elders in Nyeri town today, Field Marshall Mary Muthoni Kirima agreed to have her hair cut off to symbolize her fulfillment in what she fought for to get the country’s independence.

“I have today agreed to shave my hair this signifies that am content that our country has had freedom at last, generations are now free ,what we fought for in the forest during clamour for freedom has finally been achieved ” said Muthoni.

However Muthoni says that in the forthcoming general elections,Kenyans are free to choose a leader of their choice

“In relation to the forthcoming polls I leave Kenyans to decide on their own on whom to vote for .” She said

Muthoni resolve to keep her dreadlocks for over the years has been interpreted by experts that freedom fighters that the country is far from being independent in terms of their intent to liberating the country from colonial yokes.

Many of the freedom fighters believe that fighting for independence was all in vain since the undeserving commonly referred to as collaborators benefited from their blood an sweat .

Most say that despite giving all to the freedom most of them live in poverty and have nothing to show for their bravely and are squatters in their own country.

Speaking during the occasion former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta said that it’s a good thing for the fighters to be free and urged Kenyans to respect freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives .

“Kenyans should respect our heroes and heroines they should not be insulted but respected ” said Ngina .

The shaving of Muthoni comes at time when President Uhuru has urged the Kikuyu community to elect former Prime Minister Raila Odinga whom he says is the best placed to unify the country and continue with his legacy of development.

Last week, President Uhuru met GEMA elders at State House Nairobi where he urged them to go and pass his message to women and youth at the grassroots on his preferred successor.

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