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Major health services goes digital as new innovative platforms go live

Provision of major health services are set for a big revolution following the launch of new innovative digital platforms.

Health Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni said the launch of the new digital platforms under the name GavaMkononi will revamp the provision of health services.

Muthoni said GavaMkononi services are aimed at transforming healthcare accessibility and convenience for all Kenyan citizens.

“The launch of the services is in line with ministry’s vision of implementing the Kenya health digital superhighway that will see linkage of health systems in a manner that supports data portability, end to end visibility of HPTs, electronic claims management and increases job creation for healthcare workers in a secure data protection manner,” said Muthoni.

She said the newly introduced platforms, include the Damu-KE platform and the pharmacovigilance platform at the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) which will revolutionize the way individuals engage with healthcare services.

The Damu-KE platform serves as a comprehensive vein to vein blood management system,ensuring the availability of safe and timely blood transfusions for patients in need.

Through the service, individuals can easily request to donate blood, track the availability of blood units, and receive real-time updates, mitigating challenges faced during emergencies.

The pharmacovigilance platform at PPB enables individuals to report adverse drug reactions,ensuring the safety and monitoring of pharmaceutical productsinthe market.

She said the platform plays a vital role in safeguarding public health by collecting and analyzing data on adverse drug reactions and facilitating proactive measures in drug safety.

She said in line with the digital transformation agenda outlined in the Government’s Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda, the Ministry of Health has also launched Jali, an innovative WhatsApp Chatbot.

Muthoni said Jali provides a user-friendly cost-effective interface for individuals to seek medical advice, access information about health conditions,andreceive timely reminders for appointments and medication schedules.

The easily accessible platform fosters engagement with healthcare professionals and access to relevant healthcare resources.

Additionally, the Ministry is envisioning the Digital Health Superhighway, which enables secure and efficient exchange of health information between healthcare providers and empower the client by offering the portability of patient data.

The platform ensures that medical records, diagnostic reports, and prescriptions are easily accessible to authorized healthcare professionals, resulting in improved treatment outcomes and reduced medical errors.

Muthoni said the Ministry envisions an integrated health information system that ensures patients receive services wherever they are.

She encouraged Kenyans to explore and utilize these services to benefit from the convenience, efficiency, and improved healthcare experiences.

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