Kirinyaga Woman Rep Wangui Ngirici now welcomes Governor Waiguru to the “hustler nation”

In another twist Kirinyaga Woman Rep Wangui Ngirici has invited her political nemesis and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) as the 2022 politics continue to unravel.

Waiguru in a TV interview said it would be difficult to defend her seat on the Jubilee ticket saying she was weighing her options as the 2022 elections draw closer.

Her statement was immediately interpreted to mean that she has all but defected from Jubilee and was preparing her ground to join Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA party where Wangui is seen as a front runner for the gubernatorial ticket.

Wangui on her part cheekily welcomed Waiguru to UDA party wondering whether the nominations were to be held tomorrow.

Waiguru appeared to be leaning towards UDA when she cried foul that she had received fresh summons by EACC over alleged corruption at the county government.

She alleged that she was being harassed by state agencies after she said she would go silent on the BBI issue and after she said that she was considering her next political move.

In her statement on Wednesday, Waiguru alleged that despite the many benefits contained in the BBI document, the people of Mt Kenya region did not support the document and wondered why that was the case.

She said it might have something to do with the way the message was structured because the people were left behind.

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