Kirinyaga County scores a superb “A” for staging a memorable Mashujaa Day celebrations

Days after Kirinyaga County hosted the historic Mashujaa Day celebrations at the newly constructed Wang’uru Stadium, the impact of the colorful event is still being felt. Apart from being the last Mashujaa Day for President Uhuru whose two terms in office expire in August next year, the event left indelible marks in the land of “Abai”, as writer Beatrice Muchira outlines the highlights.


Months prior to the Mashujaa day Kirinyaga County was a beehive of activities. A series of “Peace and mobilization dubbed KIRINYAGA KWANZA rallies were held in different parts of the county. Not that there was no peace or anticipated chaos on the material day .The aim was a drive home the importance of such a national event something we have never experienced since independence. Kirinyaga had never in its existence hosted a national event and this we had to make sure we did our best. Top Kirinyaga government officials, politicians, business people, clergy men and people of good will literally preached peace and importance of the day. And ooh boy we didn’t not let anyone down on the material day.


Then came the goodies, we finally have an international stadium in one of the most strategic areas of our county. Wang’uru stadium came to life in Mwea. After decades of lobbying and being hopeful that we will one day own such an infrastructure we have all the reason to smile. A once grazing fields in Mwea is now the most improved area with a network of good roads.

Kirinyaga will soon join the few counties with improved roads when the many promised roads come to fruition. Our rice to be sold to government institutions and the prices of our tea and coffee to go up due to the ongoing reforms. Dairy /Poultry farmers will not be left behind as the cost of producing animal feeds to be revised downwards – are among the many goodies the people are looking forward to.


Our artists were not left behind. We had entertainment amongst them from our county.  We had an MC literally blow our mind away with his Kirinyaga dialect. Remember we are told they don’t understand what/ which dialect we speak never mind we are good and comfortable they also incorporated our very own ABAI TUNDE NITO KENEKE in the main entertainment songs. Our traditional dancers from a not so known village in Gichugu made us reminiscence on our heritage and our rich culture. Didn’t mention those butterflies look alike dancers and acrobats part of the team were our youth performing artists.

Our god of Kirinyaga showed a sign, National curfew was lifted on the material day so with no doubt party after party followed.

Culture and Heritage

Then our own clergy man was all praise of our beautiful natural heritage of our county, he prayed for our rivers, hills and didn’t forget to pray for a booming business from our Pishori rice. The Kiama Kia Ma beseeched our god of Kirinyaga to give us rains, protect our generations and bless our land

How can we forget the accolades we were very pleased to have our very own youth – Julian Wanja -awarded Mashujaa award for her tireless efforts with her team in Greening Kirinyaga.

You know the saying “Mwana Mwega no nda”. The few that got the chance to attend the State Lunch were treated with a full blown menu.

Love from the people

Not even the rains and humidity could stop us Kirinyaga people enjoy the day and turn out in our good manners to welcome our distinguished guests of all walks of lives.

Lakini swali nyeti ilikuwa where were our donkeys? : Personally I would say I saw jeshi donned in STOP DONKEY SLAUGHTER reflectors that day and our Nduthi guys give way to the heavy machines that used our roads.

Long live Kirinyaga people.

The writer hails from Kirinyaga County but residing in Nairobi and is a graduate from Pantieon University in Athens Greece where she studied Communication, Media and Culture.

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