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Killer cop’s suicide note emerges with shocking details

A suicide note with shocking details including instructions on the burial dress has emerged hours after killer cop Caroline Kangogo’s lifeless body was found with a gun shot wound in a case of suspected suicide.

The bombshell suicide note found on her telephone handset has details of why she killed her two victims and how she nearly killed a third one – her husband but changed her mind for the sake of their children.

It also detailed the difficult lived she lived including sexual harassment by some of her bosses, sinking into depression and instructions on how she should be buried, who should take care of her children and property.

Read excerpts of the suicide note in their raw form below.

“To my parents, siblings, children, colleagues, extended family, and Ogweno’s family,  please forgive me for letting you down. Find a heart to forgive me. To Ogweno family, sorry for letting you down. I really feel for Juliet and kids, please forgive me, I didn’t mean to.

Depression is real, please assist those you know. My divorce made me a bad person. My father disowned me due to my divorce with Ng’eno.

He called them first to cover for his mistake, and they fell in his trap. Since I met you Ng’eno, I’ve never known peace because of your mistreatment, always chasing women. Since Tuesday I was in Mombasa, always saw you, wanted to kill you but I pitied my children. I forgive you, hope you do the same. May our children grow in peace and love and forgiveness.

For Peter Njiru, I have no apologies. He conned me 1.5M, of which I had borrowed 300k from dad’s retirement package. He arrogantly said he won’t pay, yet I found him with a new Probox, confirm with Cpl Lemiso.

To my parents, I’m requesting that my body be cremated to end your suffering. Let my father manage my everything because I trust and love him. Hi bro, take care of my kids. Their dad is too much into women.
 I love you all, bye till we meet again.”

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