Kiambu governor James Nyoro on the spot following two successive by-election losses

As Jubilee Party begins processes to put its house in order Kiambu governor James Nyoro has come under sharp focus following the loss of Juja and Kiambaa parliamentary seats in recent by-elections.

Nyoro has fallen out with his political adviser Bishop Ngare Gakuyo who said the governor’s lone ranger tactics are partly to blame for the poor results.

Gakuyo claimed Nyoro decided to work alone and in the process the mobilization of voters on the voting day was not properly done hence the loss.

He said Nyoro had refused to listen to advice and failed to involve other players in Kiambu leaving outsiders alone to mobilise voters.

“Governor Nyoro decided to work alone. He refused to listen to advice including from me his political adviser. The work of mobilizing voters was left to outsiders yet it is the Kiambu people who know where people are,’’ said Bishop Gakuyo.

He said had Nyoro listened to advice and agreed to work with the rest of people the 500 vote-margin that the Jubilee candidate lost the seat with would have easily been met.

Bishop Gakuyo said President Uhuru is still popular on the ground but the seat was lost due to poor coordination especially on the voting day.

“I work for president and I will continue working for him but it is unfortunate to see the governor ignore everyone including his political adviser,’’ said Gakuyo.

Even though the performance of Jubilee improved during the Kiambaa by-election held last week, the party lost the seat to United Democratic Alliance (UDA) fronted by the Deputy President William Ruto.

The loss of two seats in the President Uhuru’s  home county has left his supporters angry and seeking for answers and demanding a total clean-up of the party.

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