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Kenya’s entire 26M adult population to be vaccinated against Covid-19 by Dec 2022

In a raft of measures to contain the Covid-19 disease, President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced a plan to vaccinate Kenya’s entire 26 million adult population by December 2022.

He said a mass roll out of vaccination will be carried from July and urged Kenyans to come out and get vaccinated.

President Uhuru noted that some Kenyans have formed certain dogmas about vaccination and its effects.

He said the vaccination is free-of-charge and no one will be forced to get it, noting that some education about it is crucial.

While making a live address from State House, Uhuru revealed the vaccination roadmap, midterm vaccine filling and packaging plan and a long term human vaccine production plan.

He said the government’s strategy is to  vaccinate 10 million adults by June 2022 and approximately 16 million by June 2023. 

He said instead of the earlier plan to vaccinate 10 million adults by June 2022, the plan is now to vaccinate the entire adult population of 26 million Kenyans by June 2022.

The President said by Christmas this year, the plan is to vaccinate between 12 and 15 million adults adding that the country has the capacity to vaccinate 150,000 people every day from August 2021. 

He said the government’s  long-term approach is to set up a Human Vaccine Centre and issued orders to effect the same.

“I have directed a multi-agency group to activate this plan and to focus not only on the COVID-19 Vaccine, but on any other human vaccine needed in our region,” he said.

 He said if Kenya is a supplier of veterinary vaccines in Eastern Africa, all the way to Morocco in North Africa, the country can build on this competence to produce human vaccines.  

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