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Kenyans sharply divided as Israel pounds Palestine, death toll rises

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued to rain missiles on targets suspected to be holding Islamist jihadists Hamas and other terrorists groups firing rockets at the Jewish state causing deaths and destruction.

The fighting that threatens to boil into an all-out war started when the Iranian backed Hamas terrorist organization fired thousands of rockets at Israel – receiving immediate rapid response from Israel.

On Thursday, Israel said it will continue to strike terrorists hideouts and sites until they are all silenced, sending a shiver that the hostilities might degenerate into a big war with more devastation and deaths on both sides.

Kenyans took to social media to expression their views on the war with some supporting Israel and others supporting Palestine – a hashtag I stand with Israel started trending.

City preacher Rev Lucy Natasha shared a picture of her kneeling saying prayers for Israel sparking heated debate on her timeline.

While some acknowledged the need for Israel to protect herself from an aggressive neighbor, others though Israel had reacted with too much force, and others called for a peaceful settlement of the issues causing hostilities.

On Wednesday Israel Defense Forces said over 1,050 rockets had been fired at Israel in 40 hours from the Gaza strip causing million of Israeli civilians to run to bomb shelters as sirens were sounded across the country.

Israel has an advanced military system of intercepting rockets and missiles called the Dome. The dome has intercepted thousands of rockets and in the process reducing their effect on the civilian population.

The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Hamas will pay a heavy price for aggression as IDF continued with bombardment of terrorists’ hideouts.

Israeli Air Force said they will continue to strike terror at its core and defend Israeli civilians

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