Kenyan coast marks a sad Easter without the lively Nairobians

For the first time the coast region is marking a lonely and forlon Easter weekend without the noisy and bubly Nairobians.

With a spike of the deadly Covid-19 disease leading to a lockdown, Nairobians are unable to invade the coastal beaches over the Easter period as has always been the case.

The hospitality industry is counting huge losses as the coast remains deserted.

Chairman of the Tourism Federation Mohamed Hersi wrote a sad letter described by some as an obituary moaning the tragic events at the coast.

He said under normal times Nairobians would be painting the Kenyan coast red.

 Sadly the opposite is true”, he said.

“This Easter Mombasa and Kenya  Coast is dead and lifeless without you good people . I mean it dead and silent without you.  You may be considered noisy but what is life without some noise and happy faces?,” he said.

He said beach hotels are all quite, the airport is dead silent so is SGR.

 “If it was not for cessation of movement entire Kenya  coast we would be ready “upokea wageni wetu”. Now that you are not there everyone can fill the void. Without you it’s never the same,” he wrote.

Below is an extract of his letter.

The taxi driver, the Tuk Tuk guys and all the eateries from Tarboush  to Forodhani to Tamarind , the madafu and muhogo guys at Mama Ngina waterfront everyone has been affected. Kenya coast in Easter without you is not complete. 

The supermarkets and all the Airbnbs  are also silent. Milk, bread and eggs would fly off the shelves like they grew wings . While stocks ran out when you are in town, it also meant you left behind loads of money in the coast economy. 

Malindi Airport  would also be busy as you head to Watamu and Malindi but the roaring aircraft  engines have this time all gone silent so is Diani Airport  the fastest growing airport in Kenya .

The sleepy town of Shimoni is also missing you …the boat operators that would take you on guided tour now see the reality that indeed wageni  wetu hawatafika.

On the beach,  the vendors in normal times would be smiling since Nairobiams and others coming over meant good  income for them ..from the camel handler with his rides for the young ones and even adults to Halima & Fatma who would be busy with Heena & Piko designs which will be one evidence ” Ulifika Coast “.

The local mamas that hotels would invite to make the traditional swahili breakfast are at home. They know wageni wetu kutoka Nairobi are not able to make it. They feel sad but they understand , warm greetings from them. The Viazi vya  Karai , Mahamri , Mbaazi and Kaimatis will wait till next time.

Even the Matatu guys will miss you since not everyone who comes to Kenya coast stays in a beach resort.  

How did I forget the Uber folks and many other taxi hailing services . It will be all silent this weekend and all those extra Ubers would be parked at home .

Dear Nairobian, it is not your wish to stay at home . It is because of this terrible virus, we thought it was done with us little did we know it was busy reloading and doing push ups to give us one serious upper  cut.

From the Kenya coast , we send you warm greetings and lots of love. We will miss you but stay safe which is more important so that we can host you again   with your loved ones in the not so distant future.

Wishing you all a happy Easter Mubarikwe and as always I

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