Karen Nyamu now blames alcohol, says she has quit drinking but will never leave Samidoh

After causing a bar brawl and a punch up with Samidoh’s wife Edday in Dubai last night, nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has emerged claiming to have quit alcohol but confessing undying love for Samidoh.

She said she would never leave her baby daddy Samidoh but was going to quit drinking blaming alcohol blaming it for the Dubai drama.

Karen has two kids with Samidoh and has been a constant thorn in the fresh of Samidoh’s wife Edday who has been trying to protect her family from the abrasive baby mama.

In a video she posted this morning, Karen is recorded asking what happened last night saying she had been tagged everywhere on social media.

She then goes on to say that alcohol is not soup and that she would no longer take the inebriating stuff but would never leave his baby daddy Samidoh.

“That I messed up yesterday, what happened? I will stop alcohol, I will not drink again, alcohol is not soup,” said Karen in the video she shared.

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