Kagure showers elders with praise for uniting and crowning a new patron, roots for youth mentorship

Prominent business lady Agnes Kagure says she was excited to witness the two Kikuyu elders’ groups unite under one leadership when they installed Kinyua Mwangi as their new patron in a colorful traditional ceremony in Nyeri on Saturday.

“Iam extremely happy to for what I have witnessed today. With the elders now united, the community is also united,” said Kagure who is the patron of the women league of the Kikuyu Council Elders

Kagure said she was glad to be a witness to the reconciliation event because, as they say a house divided is scuttled easily.

She said by nature, women and mothers especially accommodate all their children irrespective of their weaknesses making women naturally better suited to preach reconciliation and oneness.

“I am, therefore, very grateful that I have been part of the team that midwifed the togetherness we are here to celebrate today,’’ she said.

She said having two outfits of elders each suspicious of the other was certainly not good for our community and was the perfect recipe for the scuttling of the people.

“May the good Lord help you to remain one and to talk in one language for that is the only way we can stand tall as a community and overcome attempts by our enemies to confuse,’’ said Kagure.

She said in terms of politics, the cost of disunity among members of our community at this critical turning point is too expensive.

Kagure said any mistake made today because of infighting will be paid for dearly by generations to come and history will judge us very harshly if we do not correct our wrongs amicably for the sake of generations to come.

She cautioned the community against making wrong political decisions and called for deep introspection about the sad eventuality that has made our people slaves of mere tokens.

“When you want to slaughter chicken you throw a few grains of maize so that you nab it. But little does the chicken know your desire is to make a meal of it. Shall we, therefore, watch as the high-priest of wickedness ensnares the people of the Mountain with tokens?’’ she asked.

Kagure urged the elders to firmly take their positions and steer the community in a desirable direction.

“Let’s thoughtfully address the poverty among our people, the moral decay of our youth especially and the rampant drunkenness of our young people. I implore you our elders to instigate a social-cultural revolution that will restore hope among our people,’’ said Kagure.

She said instead of condemning the youth, they should be involved in finding lasting solutions with the knowledge that they are the pillars of the future of our community.

Kagure said she is ready to teach mothers and wives how to change the fortunes of their families through engaging in profitable ventures and savings.

“I believe that solutions to our challenges are with us. And we must not shy away from our duty to create a better place for the prosperity of all,’’ said Kagure.

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