Jubilee bigwigs storm Nyeri and paint the town red as they declare onslaught against UDA in Mt Kenya region

Jubilee Party bigwigs took Nyeri by storm on Tuesday where they vowed to ensure the party scoops all the elective seats in the county.

The legislators led by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu said Jubilee Party was targeting at least 100MPs in the next general elections and also a majority in the county governments.

Hundreds of residents hit the streets of the town dressed in the colourful red Jubilee outfits where they danced and waved Jubilee caps while chanting songs in praise of the ruling party.

The Jubilee Party brigade which has rolled out a series of rallies in Mt Kenya promised to paint the county red with the party’s colours in the August 9 general elections.

He called on Nyeri residents not to be swayed by endless propaganda and empty promises being propagated by Deputy President William Ruto and his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) henchmen.

“You are being told to join a party (UDA) whose operations are a one-man show and no visible leader from the Mt Kenya region is involved in its operations. Be wary of schemes to divide you and remain in Jubilee where your future is guaranteed,” Wambugu said

Wambugu said the ruling party is determined to retain its status as the largest political party in the country in the August polls by winning many elective seats. He was accompanied by MPs Jeremiah Kioni (Ndaragwa), Maina Kiai (Mukurweini) Wanjiku Kibe (Gatundu North), Hon Shurie (Bala Bala).

The MPs said the party is targeting to bag 100 MPs and 60 per cent in each of the elective seats of MCAs, governors, senators and woman representatives.

Wambugu said President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is also the party leader, has taken personal responsibility to ensure that that is achieved.

“A few days after President Uhuru Kenyatta launched a journey to revive Jubilee, we are more energized to have Nyeri painted red leaving no single yellow patch in the August polls,” Wambugu told Nyeri Town residents in a town hall meeting.

Wambugu who has gallantly been defending Jubilee and President Uhuru’s record said the party will fight hard to ensure it recaptures every single seat of rebel members who defected to other parties.

“As we move forward we are going to replace every person that we have lost. Every seat that Jubilee won in 2013, we will try and get it back by getting another person,” he said.

Wambugu added that there is the assumption that the people who are in office are the ones who will be in office after August, saying there could be totally new faces.

According to Wambugu though the party will not be fielding a presidential candidate, it is looking for like-minded partners like former Prime Minister Raila Odinga-led Azimio la Umoja movement so as to continue with Jubilee’s projects. “When we say we are working together with Azimio, we know that there is going to be continuity in terms of the work that has been done by President Uhuru,” he said

“We share ideals and principles. They have a problem with corruption, public theft and they have a problem with insults like us,” he added.

He trashed as false the perception that UDA was dominant in Central, saying the party has only one elected MP in the current Parliament, and that all the people claiming they are in UDA are still in Jubilee.

Wambugu further said they have stuck with Jubilee because they knew if they left, they would lose in by-elections.

The MP said UDA has been campaigning all through and time for Jubilee to start its campaigns has come, adding that the party has lined up a series of grassroots tours meant to revive its networks which still exist.

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