Elders in shock as President Uhuru revealed nasty details of how DP Ruto planned to impeach him, sabotaged his government

President Uhuru revealed shocking details of how his deputy William Ruto planned to impeach him and bring down the government and how by sheer luck ODM leader Raial Odinga came to his rescue after the 2017 general elections.

Answering the nagging question on how he fell out with his deputy turned bitter critic, Uhuru said were it not for the patriotism of Raila, Ruto was determined to bring him down so that he can satisfy his greed for power.

Addressing thousands of elders attending a special invite at the State House Nairobi, Uhuru took his guests blow by blow on how his deputy had planned to bring him down and how he has been sabotaging his government throughout the second term.

Uhuru told the elders that after ODM refused to take part in the repeat elections as ordered by the Supreme Court, chaos erupted in the country and that members of the GEMA community are the only ones’ who suffered the brunt of the chaos.

As he contemplated on how the end the violence and save the property and lives of the people Ruto kept on urging him not to bulge and not to give in to any pressure, to take a hard-line stance, little did he know that Ruto was then actively planning the impeachment.

He said when he learnt of the plan that was at advanced stages, it was then that he reached out to Raila from who he struck a peace deal that saved the country and greatly annoyed Ruto because it stopped his planned impeachment.

Uhuru said it was out the peace deal that the BBI was born something that Ruto opposed from day one and has continued to oppose even though it was meant to address the critical issues that bring conflict in the country – equal representation and equitable distribution of resources.

He told the elders that after they agreed on the BBI, Raila did not make any demands on him and they agreed to work together and address the issues that affect Kenyan.

On the other hand his deputy absconded from duty and never went to his office and instead went on a campaign in Mt Kenya region where he has made 500 trips badmouthing him and sabotaging the government.

He said it was for that reason that he fell out with Ruto especially because he opposed anything that could benefit the people of Mt Kenya key among the achievement of one-man-one-vote-one shilling proposal contained in the BBI.

Uhuru dismissed Ruto as a lier and deceitful man who was using the Bible and Churches to confuse the people – wondering if he loves Mt Kenya people as he claims to do, why did he oppose one-man-one-vote-one-shilling as contained in the BBI?

Elders who spoke to News Today after the eventful meeting said they were shocked to hear the issues from the President himself and promised to rally behind him to ensure his wishes of a united community under one party Jubilee and Aziomio with Raila as the president was achieved.

A visibly agitated Ruto has denied that he planned to impeach Uhuru’s government when he addressed a public rally in Kilifi on Sunday.

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