DP Ruto’s deceptive charm offensive in Mt Kenya collapsing

By Ngoima

The Deputy President launched his deceptive charm offensive in the Mt. Kenya region with his hypocritical mantra “mimi ni mtu wa Raisi wa Mkono”.

At the time, this looked good and exciting that President Uhuru had an able deputy. Unknown to many the deputy had hatched a plot to undermine the President in his own backyard.

To succeed in this conspiracy, he assembled a “coalition of the willing” mainly drawn from young ignorant first time MPs and a cabal of corrupt politicians whose x-files were with the DCI.

Using this deceptive seduction, undue influence and manipulation the team was systematically radicalized against the President. Having Succeeded in radicalizing a section Mt. Kenya MPs the DP became bold and arrogant and moved from overtly undermining the President to covertly attacking and disrespecting him.

The DP anchored all his arrogance on his perceived popularity within Mt. Kenya region, misconceived constitutional protection, transactional hold on parliamentarians and a corrupt anarchist Judiciary.

The concept of the ‘Deputy’ not being appointed by his boss is not unique to the Presidency. Take for instance in our schools, the deputy principal is not appointed by the school principal and cannot be fired by him, same applies to all deputies within the disciplined forces. E.g., Deputy CDF, Deputy IGs, Deputy OCPD/OCS etc. If all these deputies were to behave like William Ruto, to paraphrase the words of William Butler Yates in his poem, ‘the second coming’, “The centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy would be loosed upon our Nation.

The tragedy here is his arrogance and delusional grandeur about his popularity and believe in his infallibility. Undoubtedly, he is not a student of history, the President has control of institutions that give him immensely effective, non-transparent capabilities to further his political agenda and/or diminish the political abilities of his opponents.

President Uhuru Kenyatta means well for Kenya and has endeavored not to use such power solely for his political advantage.

The notion that the deputy President is indispensable, is protected by law, cannot be impeached is anchored on quick sand.

William Ruto does not require any enemy, his lying tongue, his conniving behavior, deceptive character and narcissistic nature will be his waterloo. Pride comes before a fall they say.

One thing that is for sure is that he climaxed before the real game, Mt. Kenya is good in flirting, the mountain may have been politically infatuated, but as they say, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”, dismemberment of the hustler narrative does not require abscission, it requires just a little cosmetic application.

The writer is a political commentator based in Nairobi

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