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Deaf and dumb Samburu boy impresses after carving from wood a near perfect replica of a helicopter

The story of the deaf and dumb Samburu boy has warmed hearts proving that disability is not inability and coming shortly after another young man from Naivasha attempted to fly a packed aircraft crashing it in a failed takeoff.

A young Samburu boy who can neither hear nor speak has left a pilot in awe after he carved out of wood a near perfect replica of an Airbus H130 helicopter.

The boy who was born deaf and cannot speak approached the pilot shortly after landing at Ndoto Mountains to reveal the replica of the helicopter he carved from wood expressing his deep love for the aircraft.

It emerged that the boy’s friends would always alert him whenever the helicopter would land near their home or fly past and after observing the aircraft would go back to work on his piece of art.

“A few minutes after landing atop the Ndoto Mountains, a young Samburu boy approaches, full of joy and accompanied by a couple of his friends.

He doesn’t utter a word, but with a massive smile on his face, he reveals to us a perfect replica of our Airbus H130 helicopter he carved himself out of wood.

We express how happy we are to see it but he doesn’t say a thing. His friends proceed to share with us that he was born deaf and also can’t speak but his love for helicopters is abundant. They’d alert him whenever we landed or flew above so he could get a chance to see the machines.

He’d then go back home and work on this beautiful piece of art and we are so happy he shared this moment with us.”

Courtesy – Tropic Air

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