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CleanMyMac X vs Maintenance Care 2024 Comparison

CleanMyMac X Review 2024: Is the Best Mac Cleaner?

cleanmymac customer service

The software saves you the stress of updating your apps one after the other. All you need to do is select the apps through the console and the software will look for updates automatically. There are also some apps that never really stop running. You probably used them and closed them after use, but rather than stop, they keep running in the background. CleanMyMac X helps to optimize the operation of these two components.

cleanmymac customer service

Here’s how the free and paid versions of CleanMyMac X compare. If your operating system is older than Mojave, you don’t need to authorize access. I like this app, I use it everyday in my work and I really appreciate the help we have for any questions.

Paying Duplicate subscriptions/poor quality customer service

But read this before you buy; there are some options it doesn’t have. When the scan finished, I used VO + Left arrow to get to my results table. Using VO navigation, I was able to check the results.

cleanmymac customer service

I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for the longest time now, but it’s like hitting a brick wall. I keep going in circles, trying to figure out the right path to take, but it’s just not happening. They keep charging my credit card even though I told them to stop.

CleanMyMac X Pros & Cons

For the price, CleanMyMac is a safe and efficient option. Also, compared to other solutions, CleanMyMac doesn’t slow down my computer, which is a huge advantage. Featuring malware removal also makes the app valuable. It’s designed to replace dozens cleanmymac customer service of optimization tools for Mac and acts as a malware remover, performance monitor, and junk cleaner. CleanMyMac X chases away viruses and frees up space by deleting outdated cache files, broken downloads, useless localizations, and more.

cleanmymac customer service

The major aim of the CleanMyMac X software is to declutter your computer. If you’ve ever joined the Mac versus Windows debate, you know there are more antivirus products built for PC use. MacPaw even claims the software works so well that your Mac will work like new. I paid for their service but had some issues with their billing. They tried to charge me before the contract was up and then cut me off when I didn’t pay it.

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