Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki urges African businesses to support quality education for Africa’s children

Billionaire businessman Humphrey Kariuki has called on African businesses to do more to invest in the talent of Africa’s youth by supporting quality education.

He said good quality education remains the bedrock of Africa’s economic transformation adding that Africa’s youth has the determination and motivation to succeed.

“African businesses must do more to invest in the talent of Africa’s youth. Africa’s youth has the determination and motivation to succeed,’’ said Kairuki.

He said investing in education not only empowers people to determine their own future but unlocks opportunities to discover new knowledge, to innovate and expand our great creativity

Kariuki said developing Africa’s human capital is a collective effort that requires African enterprise and governments to recognise how critical education is for a brighter, more prosperous future.

In his message, Kariuki said African businesses must do more to invest in the continent’s educational institutions.

“We owe it to our continent’s brilliantly bright and terrifically talented youth to ensure they are provided the opportunities to strengthen their abilities to contribute further to Africa’s economic, intellectual and cultural prosperity,’’ he said.

He noted that today, all African economies are afflicted by high unemployment, especially among the young describing it as a tragic waste of our great human potential.

Kariuki said the continent needs qualified, industry ready, engineers, technicians, master welders, nurses, doctors, the list goes on and that the youth have the ambition and determination to succeed

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