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Baby with a fork jembe lodged in the head; KNH says injury was too dangerous, how surgery failed

KNH has given an account sorrounding the failed surgery to dislodge a fork jembe from the head of a 2-year-old boy saying its best team of surgeons did their best to save the child


Kenyatta National Hospital accused of delaying the surgery on a child with a fork jembe lodged in his head has given a blow by blow account of the events leading to the minor’s death.

In a statement KNH said after the boy was taken to hospital he had bled alot and clotting of blood to allow surgery was not occuring.

KNH said when the boy arrived at the hospital at 6:30 pm he was put in the critical care unit for immediate stabilization and surgery.

CT scans and blood tests confirmed penetrating injury into the brain, brain swelling, ongoing bleeding and blood infection.

The doctors noticed that the ability of  his blood to clot was impared, requiring correction before any surgical intervention.

A process of correcting the detected anomalies  by giving blood products and medication, while monitoring the patient’s response commenced immediately.

” It is sad that the patient’s condition continued to deteriorate despite the interventions.In the theatre, he developed complications and resuscitation attempts were futile and unfortunately, we lost the boy,” said chairman of KNH board of management George Ooko said.

He condoled with the family said a team of specialists did their best to save the boy’s life.

The boy had earlier been taken to Thika Level V Hospital on Monday before he was transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital  (KNH) on where he passed on.

The boy went out to play with other children with a fork jembe they spotted stored in the house at their home in Kilimambogo, Kiambu County.

In the process of playing, one of the children allegedly hit the two-year-old with the fork jembe and it got lodged in his skull.

The shocking image of a the big fork jembe lodged in the small skull of the two-year-old left many Kenyans traumatised.

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