Attempt by 12 ousted directors to take over KTDA Hqs stopped after they are thrown out

A quick response by police officers saw the 12 directors thrown out as dramatic scenes unfolded at KTDA headquarters this morning.

An attempt by 12 ousted directors to take over KTDA headquarters in Nairobi was stopped after the former officials were thrown out by police.

The directors who were thrown out following sweeping reforms that were effected last year stormed KTDA hqs this morning in failed bid to reinstate themselves to office.

A quick response by police saw the directors quickly thrown out of the premises and told to wait for the court process to end.

There were reports that at the factory level there were attempts by the former directors to take over.

Reports indicate that former directors were seen in Ragati, Gitugi, Kimunye and several other factories planning how to take over even there is already another team of directors in office.

An official from KTDA described the action by the “ousted dozen” as an attempt to draw back on the gains the sector has achieved so far.

He asked farmers to remain calm saying no effort will be spared to ensure the benefits brought about by the massive reforms implemented last year including kicking out the cartels that had impoverished farmers are protected.

“The board which lorded impoverished farmers was kicked out. Farmers are now enjoying better prices, payment at the end of the month. There is proper representation of farmer – one man one vote,” said the official.

The new move by the former directors opens a new front in the struggle for control of the lucrative sector worth billions

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