Agnes Kagure promises to smoke cartels out of City Hall, transform Capital City if elected Nairobi governor

Nairobi Governor aspirant Agnes Kagure has promised to smoke out cartels that have taken City Hall hostage if she is elected as the city’s fourth governor.

Ms Kagure said unlike some of her competitors who have not explained their agenda for Nairobi, her quest for the city’s topmost seat is meant to transform the lives of Nairobians and not for selfish gains.

She has pledged to fast-track Nairobi’s failed systems by ensuring most facilities are improved for efficient services. In the past Nairobi County government announced that it losses for instance Sh1 million every day to cartels that are said to be sabotaging the electronic system to steal car parking fees.

“I will ensure most county employees are retrained to serve better. Most importantly all cartels must be smoked out of our pipelines and that is why Nairobi needs an astute leader of impeccable wit, unquestionable integrity with gentle but firm hands to lead the city’s desired transformation,” Kagure said when she held a consultative meeting with various stakeholders.

While announcing her candidature on January 7, Kagure unveiled a five-point agenda that she said will transform Nairobi if elected.

“My quest to lead and transform Nairobi isn’t about me, but you, the residents, and taxpayers. My work with various groups in private capacity speaks for itself, and we can do more at the county level. Let’s make it happen,” the businesswoman said.

“I want to move Nairobi from being the city of lamentation to the city of jubilation,” she stated.

Kagure says her manifesto will involve reorganizing the public transport sector to ease the movement of people.

Kagure observed that the sweat, innovation, and dedication of citizens operating different businesses and industries hold the county’s economy together.

Noting that a lot of money and time is wasted in traffic jams, she has pledged to ensure that becomes a thing of the past once she takes over the leadership mantle.

“We have what it takes to transform our fortunes and turn our city into a haven of greater hope and shared prosperity. I will work with all stakeholders to decongest the city and bid farewell to traffic jams for good,” Kagure added.

She has also pledged to tame unemployment saying her administration will create one million jobs in her five-year tenure in office.

“I will create 200,000 jobs annually and ensure that youths have equal opportunity to get employment in the great city of Nairobi,” Kagure noted.

According to the businesswoman as governor she will set up investments platforms where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will explore and excel in their ventures.

“We will expand the horizon of opportunities to give Nairobians a platform to excel,” Kagure said.

Kagure said her administration will install security lights in all 85 wards in Nairobi saying it will help in curbing insecurity that has become a thorny issue in the city.

The businesswoman has also promised to work closely with security agents in the county in ensuring that law and order is maintained in the city.

She pledged to revamp the city hall’s inspectorate department by ensuring its officers are well trained and equipped to perform their mandate.

To achieve all these, she said she will work closely with city MCAs in delivering her mandate and manifesto to the people of Nairobi.

Despite NMS receiving attacks from a section of politicians, Kagure has commended it for impacting the lives of Nairobians positively.

According to her, the achievements made by NMS through its director-general Mohammed Badi is a testament that her vision for Nairobi is achievable.

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